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Tourist Trips to Lamin Fisheries, Oyster Farm and Lamin Lodge with Bird Tours Gambia

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Mangroves at Lamin - Bird Tours Gambia

On the outskirts of the village of Lamin, at the head of Lamin Bolong, sits the 3-storey structure of Lamin Lodge. Traditionally constructed entirely of local timber, Lamin Lodge is a wonderful photographic opportunity from a lost time. The restaurant used to be popular as a favoured stop en-route for a swim in the bolong.  The food is good, and the views from the top level of Lamin Lodge are excellent.

A good time to visit Lamin Lodge is early in the morning, when it is quiet. A trip would normally start with a drink, and then a boat journey through the mangroves for an hour. The boat is a dugout usually used for fishing, and the captains wear colourful shirts and tell visitors their stories.

The captains are not paid for their efforts - the entrance fee goes to the community - they are on ‘work experience’ and rely on visitors comments to gain their right to become a guide.

The main industry of Lamin is fishing. The men take the boats out at high tide, and return to land their catch, and then at low tide, the women collect oysters which grow naturally on the exposed mangroves, so the term, ‘Oyster Farm’ is technically incorrect. The culture of the people is such that no wastage takes place - oyster shells are used for making paths, paint and cement, whilst the mangroves are not only used for construction, but also for dyes.

Lamin has a wealth of birdlife, so bird watching is leisurely while being rowed around the mangroves. Among the bird species sighted at Lamin are African Fish Eagle, African Darter, Blue-cheeked Bee-eater, Swallow-tailed Bee-eater, Variable Sunbird, Malachite Kingfisher, Blue-bellied Roller, Rufous-crowned Roller, Black-crowned Tchagra, Western Bluebill, Woodchat Shrike, Whinchat, Great Honeyguide, Cut Throat Finch, Singing Cisticola, Sacred Ibis, Great White Pelican,

African Darter - Bird Tours Gambia

Curlew Sandpiper,  Violet Turaco, Senegal Coucal, Green-backed Eremomela, Green Hylia, Common Wattle-eye, Namaqua Dove, Bruce's Green Pigeon, Red-bellied Paradise Flycatcher, Paradise Flycatcher, Pin-tailed Whydah, Painted Snipe, Gull-billed Tern, Royal Tern, Long Tailed Cormorant, White-faced Scops Owl, Black-shouldered Kite, Yellow-billed Stork, Great White Egret, Purple Heron,  Black-crowned Night Heron and Goliath Heron.

Bird Guide Ebou Barry

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