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Of the several sacred pools used in animists ceremonies in the Gambia, the most accessible is Katchikally at Bakau.

Gambians revere the crocodile as a sacred animal due to its great physical strength and its mystical powers, and the pools inhabited by these creatures are important in the animist rituals.

A guardian family look after the sacred pool, a responsibility that has passed down from generation to generation, and they have built a small but very interesting museum centre near the entrance about folklore and village life.

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The first of the museum huts deals with the tradition of female circumcision, although this is a contentious issue, the displays present it in a factual way, with no opinion of right or wrong.

The second part of the museum is a collection of African musical instruments.

Of course, the main reason why many people visit Katchikally is for the crocodiles. There are around 100 here ranging in size from 50cm up to 3m!

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No barriers segregate the public from the crocodiles, who are free to wander or bask in the sun on the footpaths.

The guides here encourage people to stroke the crocodiles - an opportunity not to be missed!

Crocodile at Katchikally - Bird Tours Gambia

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