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Tourist Trips to Abuko Nature Reserve with Bird Tours Gambia

For visitors wishing to take in less bird-themed trips, Bird Tours Gambia offers guided trips to tourist attractions.

The most easily accessible of all the reserves in Gambia, Abuko is the opportunity to view some of the Gambian wildlife close up. If you do nothing else while visiting Gambia, try to find time for a trip to the reserve.

Abuko Nature Reserve was established in 1968 by Eddie Brewer, the conservation pioneer, making it the oldest conservation reserve in Gambia. The flora of the reserve is made up of tropical forest, gallery forest and savanna and is home to Patas, Vervet and Red Colobus monkeys.

Vulture at Abuko - Bird Tours Gambia

One of the very few year-round water holes, (Bamboo Pool), is in Abuko, supporting many large trees, and attracting a wider range of Gambian wildlife, including birds, mammals and reptiles.

Standing next to Bamboo Pool is the Darwin Field Station, an education centre for students of bio-diversity. There is plenty of information and many photographs about the wildlife within the reserve.

From a viewing platform above the Field Station, great views are to be had of Bamboo Pool, where there is always something to watch. On the wall is a list of latest sightings.

A single footpath winds through the forest where Vervet Monkeys can sometimes be seen.

Other animals are present, such as crocodiles, monitor lizards, snakes and bushbuck deer, but these tend to keep away from humans. However, you never know what you’ll see.

A small animal orphanage is at the furthest end of the path, originally set up in 1997 as a rehabilitation centre for baboons and monkeys rescued from Gambian homes. There is a permanent family of hyenas that seem unperturbed by human visitors viewing them through the single wire fence.

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Standing Hyena at Abuko - Bird Tours Gambia Resting Hyena at Abuko - Bird Tours Gambia
Bird Guide Ebou Barry

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